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Mommy and Me Overall’s

I am oddly excited about this post. Matching with my daughter bring’s me too much joy. Maybe it’s because I know I’ll only be able to get away with it for a few years, but whatever the reason is, I love it.

Im going to share the details of our outfits and where they were purchased. Good news, I don’t pay full price for most of my clothing, so everything you see is pretty affordable. I do 90% of my shopping at TJMaxx. If you’re tacky Awesome like me and need some inspiration, hang around and check out my post for the details!

These outfits were so fun for me (us)! Overall’s are making a comeback, baby! Thats a good thing, right? I’m still not sure if that’s a good thing, but I bought a pair and love them!

(don’t judge my poses / “modeling”… I’m a work in progress)

So, I found these overalls at TjMaxx in the Juniors section. The brand is VanillaSugar and I’m kind of obsessed with them! They were $24.99 and I purchased a Large. On their website the size chart says a Large fits sizes 11-13 (I’m a 6 women’s). I’m 5’7 and 138 lbs (if that helps paint a better picture) and they fit perfect! They’re more comfortable than I had thought too. I love the distressed knee on them as it’s not too much. Just enough of a tear to pull off a mom style, without looking like I’m trying too hard. I’ll be getting my moneys worth out of these.

As far as the top. It’s a plain white long sleeved top from the Women’s section at TjMaxx. I purchased a small and it was $12.99. The top I’m wearing is a V Neck. If I could go back, I would have chosen a rounded neck (not the end of the world, just a personal preference).

And.. the vest. I am OBSESSED with this vest! It’s from Old Navy and a size small. It was around $35 and I got it half off with a “friends and family” coupon my friend had shared! I feel like Old Navy is ALWAYS having a sale on something and passing out coupons like candy, so NEVER EVER pay full price there.

Now for my Lydia. Her ADORABLE overall’s are from Babies-R-US. They’re OshKosh, 12 months and we’re $14.98 (I got them on clearance). They have cute stitch work / patch near the knee and right hip that gives them character and coincide’s with the distressed knee on my overalls.

Her shirt is a slightly off white, long sleeved onesie. The brand is Jumping Beans, from Kohl’s (that line is adorable btw) and it has the cutest floral hedge hog on it.

I chose the green bow in her hair to match the green vest I was wearing. I purchased the bow from my FAVORITE Etsy shop Blueyesandbows. She is a mama herself, so I especially love to support her! Accessories are such a fun way to match when you don’t want to go full blown, crazy matching mama.

And last but not least, our shoes. I purchased my Shoes at TjMaxx. They’re Coach and I got them somewhere between $60-$80. I purchased these shoes in the fall and can’t remember the exact price. Lydia’s shoes were $9.98. They’re Carters brand but I got them on sale at Babies-R-US.

(she’s was trying so hard to grab her shoes)

I hope you enjoyed my first “Mommy and Me” outfit post. I really have such a blast matching her and it puts me in a good mood. Are you a mama who matches your littles, or Am I crazy ?I would love to hear (even if you think im crazy)!

Thanks for reading!


6 thoughts on “Mommy and Me Overall’s”

  1. Love it! I, too, am a GIANT TJMaxx fan!! Do you guys use thredUP? If you don’t mind resale, it has great prices! I search brands I know, so that I know exactly what size to buy (small in some brands, xsmall in others)! If you want to check it out, this referral link will give you (and me) a $10 credit: They have kids clothes, too!


      1. Of course! I think I could actually match my boys and do this! Lol I always wanted a girl to dress up and match. 🙂 but I can still do this with my boys. 🙂

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