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DIY Name Banner

This is a fun and easy project that almost anyone can do! I am not an expert crafter or skilled DIYer, so if I can do it… you can too! I made this banner for my daughter as soon as we found out she was a girl (we had her name picked out since I was pregnant with my son). I had so much fun putting it together and had it finished in a few hours.

As I had mentioned, I’ve had this banner since I was about 20 weeks pregnant with Lydia ( I wasn’t blogging then, so I don’t have pictures of the letters before I decorated them.) However, my son has the same letters in his room, just not decorated, so I got a picture of one to show you!

What you’ll need:

Letters I found mine at k-mart. I think they were $1.00 and they came with the hooks on the back. These hooks were super convenient! You can find letters at any craft store, just try to find some with hooks.


Puff Balls

Glue ( I used my hot glue gun.)



Originally I was going to just glue puff balls to the letters, but I decided to wrap them in yarn to give them more character. I’m glad I chose to do that. The yarn I found was white but sections were dyed with different pastel colors. This made it easy to add in more color and perfect for our whimsical nursery.

Pick a letter and get to work! If you decide to start wrapping your letter with yarn, put some glue on the tip of your yarn and stick it to the back of the letter (you want all of your glue to be hidden). Give it a few seconds and start wrapping! I just went around and around, tightly wrapping and making sure my yarn was pushed right up against the piece that lay before it. You don’t want to be able to see any of the letter underneath. On some parts of the letters (the bottom right of the L for example) it was hard to wrap because of the way it’s shaped, so I just cut individual pieces and glued them to the letter. On the parts that were just too complicated to wrap, I used puff balls to help disguise ( The corner of the L or the A)

To mix it up I decided to have a few letters that only had puff balls. I’m glad I did this because it gives it more character, and ties the whole banner in nicely. You can be creative and do whatever you want! If I can go back in time I may have made the straight part of the D all puff balls, and wrapped the curved part in yarn. You can really mix it up however you like. Have fun with it!

(back of the letters)

I was going to hang the letters on the walls individually but because of the way they were wrapped, the yarn obstructed the hook and made it so the letters wouldn’t lay flat. So, I decided to string them with 2 pieces of the same yarn I used to wrap them with! Now it’s a banner and it looks ADORABLE. All the letters lay nicely and I don’t have to put 3 more holes in the wall!

This was super easy to do! I measured roughly 6.5 ft of yarn,  remember you’ll want 2 piece’s that size. I put them both evenly, side by side, and about 3 inches from the tips, I tied them together. From that knot I measured about 1 foot and strung my first letter. I secured it by tying the yarn to the hook.

From that hook, I measured 7 inches and strung and tied my next letter. You just repeat this step until all of your letters and strung and tied. And just as I did in the beginning of the banner, I measured 12 inches from the last letters hook, tied a knot and left an extra 3 inches of yarn. You can adjust the measurements however you like, this is just what I thought worked and looked best for my daughter’s name.

Good luck! And have fun with it! This was an inexpensive way to personalize my daughters nursery. It looks great and was super easy to do! Have fun with this project! If you make one, I would love to hear how it came out and what color combos you used!

Thanks for reading and happy banner making!



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