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Broke Down Baby Momma and the importance of AAA as a parent

I realize that the title of this post may be a little alarming (especially after my last post being about my Postpartum Depression ). But it’s actually about how my car broke down the other day and how a potentially stressful situation wasn’t that stressful thanks to AAA. I don’t want to come off as preachy but every parent should have AAA! A huge perk of having it was that we saved some money in the long run (technically we broke even because it cost us $48 dollars to sign up. However, if we ever need to use it again we will officially be saving)! Anyway, let me tell you about my day…

On Tuesday of last week my mom offered to watch my son for little in the afternoon. Once we dropped him off my daughter and I were headed back home (we were only about 4 miles from my moms) when I came to a stop light. Once my car officially stopped, I noticed it was shaking really bad, almost bouncing! Conveniently I was right next to a gas station WITH a Dunkin’ Donuts attached to it. I managed to pull my car into a spot and needless to say it could have been worse. I could have been stranded on the side of a highway at night or something.

As I said, I pulled my car into a spot and shut it off and turned it back on a few seconds later. At this point the check engine light was on and it was still shaking, so I turned it off and called AAA. I’m not even kidding, 2 weeks before this happened my husband had decided one day that we should have AAA. So, we had only been members for little over 2 weeks. When I called, the woman on the phone was so nice. She asked me questions about my location and if I felt safe. I thought that was nice, and I know that when my sister broke down she was on the side of a major highway and they actually sent a state trooper to sit with her until the tow truck driver arrived. However, I was parked at the Dunkin’ Donuts and wasn’t feeling too extra that day, so the troopers weren’t necessary.

Now, of course on this particular day it was nice out (50’s) so I didn’t put any socks or a  coat on my daughter. I just figured she would be in the car the whole time ( I’ll be waiting for my “mom of the year award”). About 15 minutes after I  got off the phone with AAA the tow truck driver arrived! My step father had already came to visit us once (to bring baby food because I didn’t feed my daughter before leaving. Once again, I thought we were only going to be gone for 20 minutes….still waiting for that award).

Anyway, the tow truck driver was nice and got my car hooked up so fast! The total cost of the hook up and towing was $29. Now, around here this particular company charge’s $40 just to have your car hooked up to the truck. After that it’s an additional $4 for every mile they have to drive your car (the driver even mentioned some places charge $60 for the hook up). I didn’t pay a dime to have the car hooked up because AAA covers that! AAA ALSO covers the first 5 miles of towing. I had the car towed 12 miles but without AAA this would have cost us $48 for the tow! But, because the first 5 miles were covered, we paid 29 (after taxes). So, simple math would put us around$90 total. Thanks to AAA we paid less than half of that and the experience was about as stress free as one could ask for in that situation! With the exception of a pissed off and hungry 11 month old.

We waited a few more minutes in the Dunkin Donuts for my mom to arrive. Coincidently ( actually it isn’t a coincidence, I’m from a small town) a guy I graduated high school with was at the gas station. He sat and kept me company while I waited for my mom to arrive. He offered us a ride home which was super sweet and very appreciated but my mom was already on her way.

So, to make a long story short… If I had to cherry pick my perfect break down scenario, this would be it! Also, get your self some AAA. If anything else, check it out! You can save money on prescription meds and amusements parks and much more! It’s definitely worth looking into. Its one of those things you don’t think of having until you need it and when you need it you’re kicking yourself for not having it.

I won’t preach to you any longer…. thank you for reading!

♥ Amanda

Ps. I was having a battle in my head this whole post of whether or not I should actually type out triple or just go with AAA…the lazy Amanda won that battle.


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