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A Target Dollar Spot Easter

I thought it would be fun to share with you what we’re getting our children for Easter. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, I think I’m pretty practical when it comes to holiday gifting for my children. I don’t go too overboard but I have fun with it! This year mostly everything I got for my children was purchased at the Target dollar spot. Speaking of… how great is the dollar spot? I was there today and they had THE CUTEST pastel hanging planters… the cutest!… and I’m kicking myself for not getting one. Anyway, back to the original topic – what we’re getting our kids for Easter!

Richie’s Basket

• 2 packs of Dr.Seuss flash cards. One for letters and the other numbers. $1.00 a piece.

• Minion band aids. $1.00

• Pirates chest excavation kit. $3.00 ( I’m secretly really excited about this one)

• Light up bunny wand. $1.00 Story time, I went to Target a few days ago with my kids and my son saw this and wanted it. I let him have it because he was a good boy all day. As we were walking through the store he started to throw a tantrum and threw the wand on the ground. I picked it up, placed it on the closest shelf and left it there. He was so mad at me but I’m trying to teach lessons here! I think he’ll be excited to see it in his basket.

• Bunny Ears $1.00

• Minions Glasses – I found these in one of the toy isles, on clearance for $2.98. At my local target. The whole Minions section was on clearance. I’m assuming they must be making room for a new upcoming kids character. So, if you have a kid that is into Minions/ Despicable Me, check out your local target!

• Crayola bath tub paint. $1.00

• 3 pack of Mickey socks. $3.00

• Despicable Me matching game. $3.00

• Easter is the perfect time to stock up on outdoor supplies, so I always purchase side-walk chalk, sunglasses and bubbles. Everything was $1.00 each.

• Chocolate M&M bunny. ( Confession: I might be secretly most excited for this). I forget how much this cost, somewhere around $3.

Lydia’s Basket

• Bunny rabbit super hero doll. $5.00

• Dr. Seuss “Colors & Shapes” flash cards. $1.00

• Bathtub Paint. $1.00

• “Work hard chase rainbows” Banner. $3.00

• Light up bunny wand. $1.00

• Unicorn and mermaid band-aids. $1.00 these were way too cute to pass up, I needed them!

• Spring supplies sunglass, giant bubble wand and side-walk chalk. $1.00 each

•Bunny ears. $1.00

• Customizable wooden bunny teether (not pictured in basket). $14.99 – This is from our favorite Etsy shop and I couldn’t pass it up.

You can check out her shop {HERE} if you want. I have a discount code if interested. 🙃 

Last but not least, the baskets. If  you happen to be interested in the baskets themselves – they’re from Target as well and I am obsessed! They’re from the Sp!rtz collection and the baskets were $6.00 each, and the Monogrammed liners were $4.00. These liners are sooooo cute! They’re reversible so one can be either blue or green, and the other pink or purple. I love that you can throw them in the wash and keep them clean for years to come! Also, the quality is great and I am very pleased. You can mix and match liners and baskets as they had a few different options, however I went for something simple.

I would LOVE to hear what you’re getting for your littles for Easter! And are you just as obsessed with Target dollar spot? Let me know!

Thanks so much for reading and keep your eye out for some fun spring posts! I have some good stuff planned!

🖤 Amanda

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