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7 Tips To Help You Get Into Spring Cleaning Mode!

Do you jump on the spring cleaning bandwagon? I know I do, and I kind of love it. Unfortunately it still hasn’t warmed up much in Northeastern PA, so it doesn’t feel like Spring. If you struggle with getting into that Spring cleaning groove, I’m here to help! I’m going to share with you some of my tips (some totally random) that help to really get me into that cleaning groove.

1. Buy new cleaning products. This time of year Mrs. Meyers releases their limited edition Spring time scent’s along with my all time favorite – their Peony multi-surface cleaner. I imagine this is what Lisa Vanderpump’s house smells like. Whenever I see it at my local Target, I grab a few bottles and instantly want to clean all the things! If you see it, stock up! It can be hard to come across! Another one of my current favorite products is the Clorox Coconut toilet bowl cleaner. I think it’s such a fun and energizing scent. I get that’s weird, but just give it a try!

2. Make lists! When I really want to get things accomplished, I make lists. There’s something about crossing off things that you’ve accomplished, that motivates you to keep going! Not to mention, it can just help to keep you focused and on task.

3. Open up the windows and doors. This is one of my favorite things about Spring cleaning. When it’s warm enough to let fresh air in! I always feel like I’m letting out any “bad juju” by letting in the new & fresh air. Is that crazy? lol… because it kind of sounds it reading it back. Whatever, it’s my truth!

4. Treat yourself to a fancy coffee or energy drink. I love making a coffee run right before I start a major cleaning project! I enjoy sipping an iced coffee while I’m cleaning and of course it helps to keep my energy up! Last week I did a huge closet purge and I drank a Red Bull before I started. For someone who never drinks Red Bull it definitely “gave me wings”. What can I say, sometimes I just need those jitters to help get me up and moving (and it mixes well with vodka if you’re into that).

5. Watch cleaning video’s on YouTube. I know it sounds strange to watch someone else clean, but it’s actually super motivating and kind of relaxing. It’s helps…just give it a try!

6. Sell things you don’t wear or need anymore. Why not really see your hard work pay off? First of all, when you don’t have as many things cluttering your home space, things just flow better and feel lighter. Not to mention, if you know that at the end of all your efforts you’re going to get a clean, organized home AND some cash, you’ll be even more motivated to do the damn thing! I like to use Poshmark for my clothing but I know there are a ton of sites out there, as well as Facebook groups and consignment shops and other sites for selling furniture and other odds and ends!

7. Out with the old and in with the new! Have a vision and treat your space to a little make over! This doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You can go to places like TjMaxx (like I did), Burlington, Wal-Mart, Amazon( you get the picture). I purchased some new Spring time decor for my mantel and it really put me in the mood to get things done! By purchasing a few things such as – new picture frames, throw pillows or blankets, some decorative plants…it can really give you that extra boost you need to get your space in order. Who wants to give their home a mini makeover but not have a tidy space?

I hope this post helps you get in cleaning mood! I highly doubt that at the end of the day you’ll sit down in your clean and fresh smelling home, feeling accomplished and say ” I wish I didn’t clean today”. And if you do totally regret your decision to clean and organize your life, you can use the money you made selling your old stuff and treat yourself to a “me day”.

Thanks for reading guys!

🖤 Amanda

ps. How do you feel about the blue lantern? I’m not sure if I love it or hate it. I like the pop of blue for the spring/summer but not sure if it’s too much. Help me out… should it stay or go?

** Everything pictured was purchased at TjMaxx with the exception of the blue lantern, the egg garland (Target dollar spot), and the bunnies were given to us by my father-in-law).**

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