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Easter Recap

We had a blast this Easter! We have 2 children, one who is just entering toddlerhood and the other who is right in the thick of it! Our holiday was spent relaxing and I wouldn’t have it any other way. We aren’t very religious so we didn’t attend mass. We stayed in our jammies until noon, ate chocolate for breakfast, had ham for dessert and finished the day with an Easter egg hunt. Momma had 2 glasses of wine and the kids were sleeping by 6:30… total SUCCESS!

Although the day had a slightly rocky start, it turned around and ended up being a great day. On Easter morning my son woke up around 4 am. His sound machine/ night-light shut off, so when he woke up his room was pitch black, silent and he was scared. He was crying and yelling for me so I grabbed my blankets and a pillow, and went to his room to snuggle. 20 minutes after I got into my sons room, my daughter woke up crying. I went into her room, grabbed her binky that had fallen out of her crib, covered her up and headed back into my sons room. I got him settled him because at this point he’s excited mama is there and not scared anymore. 10 minutes later I hear Lydia again. So, I get up repeat the process of looking for the binky and covering her up, and I head back to my sons room. Richie is super fired up now and basically bouncing off the walls at this point. I get him settled down, fall back asleep in bed with him, and a half hour later Lydia is up for her morning nursing session. This time I managed to sneak out of my sons room while he was sleeping, nurse my daughter and head back to my room for a quick half hour nap before everyone got out of bed for the day.

The kids woke up and Richie was so excited to get the day started! He’s at an age where he gets it now and it is so much fun! My husband had the idea of hiding their Easter basket’s and it was fun to watch Richie find his. He saw his sister’s on her high chair so he knew there was going to be some good stuff coming his way! Once he found his, both kids sat on the floor of the dining room floor opening up their baskets and checking out what each other got. Richie wanted everything in his basket AND Lydia’s basket. Lydia was ok with that because she’s 1 and has no clue what’s going on. She’s just happy her brother is playing with her!

Of course we had chocolate for breakfast and followed that up with pancakes! After the kids ate breakfast, I got a quick work out in and then laid my daughter down for a nap. My husband, son and I just hung out, snuggled up on the couch and watched a movie. When Lydia woke up we all had a snack, played and then ate lunch! The kids played around for a while after lunch and then both of them went down for naps. By this point Richie was going over to the dark side. He had been up since 4 and a nap was crucial before our party. My husband and I used this time to get the house straightened up, hide eggs outside and I started to get dressed and ready for the “party”.

Before we knew it the kids were up from their naps and ready for an egg hunt! My aunt had arrived to our house and was able to see the egg hunt as well. Richie had so much fun looking for eggs. He was so excited and proud of himself every time he found one. 12 eggs were hidden, 6 with yogurt melts for Lydia and 6 with chocolate candies. Both kids were very pleased with the treats in their eggs!

My mom and step-father arrived shortly after 3pm and did I mention he’s a chef? He ended up supplying the ham, pierogies, kielbasa and assorted finger foods. My aunt brought her amazingly-unhealthy broccoli casserole that our whole family goes crazy over! Who wants to eat healthy on a holiday (probably a lot of people…can you tell I’m not one of them)? I supplied the Ceaser salad and frozen corn ( I really outdid myself on this one).

Richie hardly ate any dinner and basically survived off candy. I’m ok with it because we’ll be eating Easter left overs for 3 days and it’s one day out of the year, who cares!?!? He did have a few bites of ham and several cheese and crackers, so basically a balanced meal minus a few food groups! Lydia on the other hand ate a little bit of everything! However, half way through dinner she gave us a major scare!

I had gotten up to get her ham, we were all talking and laughing when my aunt says, ” uhh, Amanda” I looked up and Lydia’s face was bright red and she looked like she was struggling. I yelled out “oh my god” so loud and jumped over our kitchen gate faster and higher than I ever thought possible. By the time I jumped over my aunt was already grabbing for my daughter and she just let out the biggest cry. I still don’t know if she was choking or pooping but it was one of the most terrifying experiences of my life. I stood there holding her, stunned for a few minutes trying to process what happened. I actually woke up last night around 4 am thinking of it and started crying. I had to get up out of bed and walk around for a little bit to calm down. It was so scary. I used to be a lifeguard and have some knowledge when it comes to first aid but it’s still so scary when it’s actually happening and it’s your child. Ugh, awful… the side of parenting that you try and tuck away in the back of your mind and pray you never have to experience.

Everyone left shortly before 6 and the kids were beyond tired. I took my daughter to bed and nursed her while my husband put my son to bed. Both of the kids were sleeping by 6:30. My husband and I just relaxed for the rest of the night, snacking on chocolate and headed off to bed around 9-9:30.

Richie is still yelling “Thank you Easter Bunny” up the chimney. I guess he assumes since Santa comes down the chimney the Easter Bunny does too. It was the perfect day with the exception of our dinner scare. I hope you all enjoyed your day however it was spent. I’m really looking forward to more holidays especially now that my son is really understanding them. It won’t be too long before Lydia starts to get it too. I want to bottle up these days forever. Their excitement is contagious and I know it will all go by so quick. I don’t want to get too sappy, I’ll save that for another post. Thanks for reading!

đź–¤ Amanda

ps- this week is my daughters first birthday! I’ll have some fun posts coming up like her birth story and all about her first birthday party… we’re doing a pink, flowers, spring themed brunch! So keep your eye out!

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