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Lydia Mitty – A Birth Story

It’s so crazy to think that this time last year I was about to go into labor (and even crazier that I have 2 toddlers)! In honor of Lydia’s 1st birthday, I’ve decided to share her birth story.

On April 5th I had my 39 week check up. I had already requested to have my membranes stripped at this appointment and I just knew today would be the day I would meet my daughter.

This was all on a Wednesday, however I had been experiencing signs of pre labor since the Saturday before. If you’re curious what those sign were I’ll tell you…I had been losing pieces of my mucus plug/ spotting and lightly bleeding.

If you read my son’s birth story, you would know I had my membranes stripped with him as well. This is what I believed really got my labor started. So at 38 and 5 days I had asked to have them stripped with my daughter and the midwife told me I had to wait until the following week. I was totally fine with that, just antsy to meet my new babe.

I headed to the doctors around 10am and was really just embracing those last moments alone but to save time I’ll just skip forward to actually being in the exam room. Now, when I was pregnant with my son the most dilated I ever was at a weekly appointment was a finger tip. I was so nervous I would be told this again. I had been feeling a lot of pressure since 37 weeks and was hoping it was my body making changes, but to hear no progress was being made would have been frustrating.

If you’ve ever had your membranes stripped you would know this can be uncomfortable. I wouldn’t say it hurts but it’s not the most pleasant experience. I can tell just from her performing the procedure that I had dilated some. So when she told me I was 2.5cm dilated but she stretched me to a 3, I wasn’t that surprised. I was also 50% effaced and the procedure was successful! I thanked her a million times because like I said, I just knew.

I left the appointment, drove around listening to music for a little and headed to pick up my son. We still had the restaurant at this time last year, and that’s where my husband and son were. I figured I would go, get a bite to eat and then take my son home with me. When I got there I ordered food and started to feel off. I felt a little light-headed and queasy. I had a few bites of fries and decided I should head home with my son. At this point it was around noon.

I went home with him, gave him lunch and laid him down for a nap. I laid down for a nap myself and around 3pm I was woken up by a strong contraction. I told my mom and husband that I things were about to get started but not to get too excited. After all, I was in labor with my son for over 2 days so I was trying to remind myself it may take a while.

Contractions were still coming but not totally consistent. I decided I would take my son to the local state park. It’s literally 3 minutes from my house and I didn’t think it was a big deal. My mom hated that I was walking around the park, in labor, but I’m stubborn. She kept texting me and telling me to “get home” and that “your second labor goes faster”. I ignored her and just did laps around the parking lot with my son. After about 10 minutes of walking the contractions started coming about 2 minutes apart. I remember thinking “oh shit, my moms right! I’m going to have this baby at the park and a park ranger will be delivering her”! I waddled back to my car, called my husband and mom, and told them they had better head to the house.

Once I got home the contractions started spreading out to about 6 minutes apart. My mom and husband arrived, I ate pizza and everyone kept asking “should we go the hospital?” I can’t even tell you how relaxed I was about this whole thing. Around 5pm my husband basically dragged me out of the house to head to the hospital. I guess you can say I just didn’t want to be sent home again and a tiny part of me thought my labor would last 2 days.

We made it safely to the hospital and we actually parked in the right lot this time! We got settled in and they had me in an exam room, not an actual delivery room. I was at 4 cm and 100% effaced at this point ( about 6pm). For a second they thought Lydia might be breach, so they wheeled in an ultrasound machine and I got to see a quick glimpse of her a few hours before she made her big debut!

After that I was moved to a delivery room where things just remained how they were for a few hours. Shortly after 8pm the anesthesiologist came in to introduce himself and explain a few things to me. One being that he had a c-section and once that was over he could come back and give me my epidural. I wasn’t in too much pain at this point and still at 4cm.

I’m not even kidding you, 2 minutes after that door shut my body started cranking out contractions. Every 2 minutes and over a minute long. I couldn’t do anything to get comfortable. The nurse had just left and I called her back because I needed a puke bag. I kept telling my husband to fan me and when he would start I would tell him to stop because it was just annoying me. I could feel my body trying to fight the contractions and was trying so hard to focus and tell myself “this is natural, you can do this”. I’m a pretty tough cookie but this was the intense! My nurse came back in and checked me around 9pm and I had progressed to 9cm in 1 hour. No wonder it was so intense!

The anesthesiologist came back in sometime after 9 and was able to give me my epidural. It didn’t take long before I realized that only half my body was numb.. They gave me more meds through my IV and the lower half of my body turned to complete jello. I could not feel a thing. If anything my legs felt like balloons full of water….aka – water balloons.

Time starts to get a little fuzzy around this point. The nurse came back in to check me again and I was at a 10. She just let me hang out and told me that if I started to feel pressure to let her know. I appreciated this because with my son I started to push too early and it was really hard on my body.

The nurse kept coming in and asking how I was feeling and I would smile and say ” I feel nothing”. She never once made me feel pressured to push and just made me feel so comfortable. At this point another nurse came in and grabbed me a peanut ball and insisted that this will help to move baby down. I went with it and was actually having fun chatting with everyone!

Another half hour or so went by and the nurse said “let’s just try a practice push”. I was nervous because I couldn’t feel anything but my body knew exactly what to do! Immediately she said “stop pushing, I’m going to call the doctor.” I looked at her and my husband and said “is this it?” And started to cry… an excited cry, a good cry.

The doctor came in, my husband stood next to me and the 2 nurses held my legs. It was seriously such a fun experience and one I would do a million times over. Nurse number 2 insisted I use the mirror and watch the baby being born. I kind of peeked but was also kind of like “ehhhh, I know this is supposed to be beatufil but I dont want to see it happenening to my own vagina.” I was laughing in between pushes and carrying on conversation. I couldnt have asked for better hospital staff.

About 4 pushes later my perfect baby girl had arrived! Lydia Mitty- born April 6th at 12:43 am. Weighing 6lbs 12oz (same weight as her brother) and 21 inches long. She was gorgeous, with a head full of hair and incredibly long toes and fingers, perfect in every way and she was all mine. My baby girl ❤️

Recovery from this delivery was so different from my sons. I felt great! I was hardly sore and I had energy. I was more confident in my ability as a parent and just all around felt very good after delivery.

It just goes to show you that every pregnancy, every labor, and every delivery is different. If you had one bad labor and delivery experience, it doesn’t mean the rest will be like that.

Thank you for reading ❤️ I can’t believe she’s one. It goes by fast mama’s… don’t blink.

🖤 Amanda

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