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Milk Makeup Kush Mascara- made w/ CBD oil

Recently I’ve had the pleasure of trying Milk Make-ups new Kush Mascara, compliments of Influenster and Milk Makeup. This mascara is 100% vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, paraben- free and get this, made with CBD oil. I told you on my Instagram that if I liked this product, I would review it on my blog, and not only do I like it, I freaking love it.

I am no beauty or make up guru, but I have two eyes in my head and I can tell you this stuff is AMAZING. I’ll admit, most of my make-up is purchased at CVS. Very rarely do I purchase high-end products, with the exception of bare minerals and Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara. That’s all about to change and this will be a new staple in my makeup routine!

The box the mascara comes in isn’t anything crazy. It’s silver with black writing. However, as soon as you pull this tube of mascara out of the box, you will know you’re holding a quality product. The tube is heavy… keep it in your purse for self-defense purposes alone!

( no mascara)

What’s In the tube is what really matters though. Here’s the deal, if you want to look like you’re wearing false lashes, but not have that super fake, almost doll looking lash, this is the mascara for you! The mascara adds so much length and volume after just one coat that I was shocked. If you’re considering lash extensions, hold off until you try this! It just gives your eye lashes such a pretty, natural, long, whipsy kind of look. Im ob-sessed.

The mascara isn’t flakey and I found that after wearing it all day, it didn’t run, smear, or give me raccoon eyes. I’ll admit, I’m an eye lash picker. I don’t know why, but I just do it when I’m bored, and it still held up pretty well! I also think the CBD oil leaves my eyelashes feeling silkier, almost like they were being conditioned.

( with 2 coats mascara)

If you’re curious about the removal, it comes off so easy! I used micellar water on a cotton ball, swiped my eyes a few times and it was all gone. Gone are the days of spending 10 minutes at night before bed, just to remove your make up. This is the unicorn of mascara’s.

Bottom line is – I would 100% recommend this to everyone. I am not being paid for this and was given this product for free, so I have nothing to gain or lose from this post. However, when I come across a new product that’s bomb… I’m going to share!

I don’t know if this mascara is available in all Sephora stores yet, but you can check  out their site to order one. The mascara is $24  a tube and worth every penny. If CBD oil is the future of make up, sign me up and take all my money.

Thanks for reading! And if you try this or have tried this, let me know what you think!

🖤 Amanda

PS. Yes, this mascara is made with CBD oil. No, there is no THC in it, therefor there is no possible way you can get high from using this mascara. Yes, it is 100% legal.  

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