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10 of my most used baby items: Months NB-3

My Most Used Newborn Items

YAY! You’re expecting a little baby, Congrats! It’s such a fun and exciting time, but it can also be an overwhelming time. There is so much out there for those teeny tiny babes that you might be wondering what’s actually necessary.  In this post I’m going to share my most used baby items from Newborn to 3 months. I like to consider myself a practical person but when it came to having a baby, I HAD EVERYTHING! So after having my second baby, I feel like I have a pretty good grasp on what items were really used. I won’t be listing obvious items such as diapers or a car seat, these will be items that maybe you haven’t thought of or realized you needed.

First up –  The Fisher Price Rock and Play. If you don’t have a Rock and Play go out and get one …NOW!! These things are freaking amazing. Both of my babies slept in their Rock and Play’s next to our bed for the first 3 months of life (Lydia a little bit longer.) I loved it so much that when I found out I was pregnant with Lydia I knew that I needed another one! Not to mention the one we had with my son didn’t auto rock, and that’s basically the whole point.  The Rock and Play was actually recommended to us by our lactation consultant. They are affordable, super easy to move, easy to clean, and they don’t take up a lot of space. They’re also inclined and that can help with reflux issues. Definite must have and most used!

This one is something we still use, even with our two-year old, and it is a white noise machine. A lot of people are under the misconception that it should be silent when you have a new baby and that is just not true… Don’t create that bad habit!! Most babies love white noise because it mimics the sound in utero. I use a white noise machine for both my son and daughter every night ( my son will be 3 in June) and they can hardly sleep without one. With Lydia we used Hush Baby sound machine and LOVED IT but it died on us after 8 months (not sure if that’s common.)  I loved it because it held a charge (for 12+ hours) and was portable. Now we just use a good old-fashioned sound machine for her. Also, there are some great FREE apps out there that will work just fine.

Swaddles. I recommend Velcro Swaddles for the first few weeks and then switch over to Muslin Swaddles once baby gets a little bigger and stronger. If you’re using muslin swaddles you NEED to check out the YouTube video for the ” Super Swaddle ” ( I linked it for you!). It was a GAME CHANGER for us. Babies loved to feel tightly wrapped. Think about it, when babies are in their mother they have limited mobility and are basically snuggled up with themselves. When you swaddle a baby it kind of gives them that same feeling of comfort and security again. It also prevents baby from continuously waking themselves by helping to control that startle reflex that all babies have.

Onesies w/ Mittens  These are so much easier and more convenient than trying to keep those little mittens on your babies hands. Babies are ALWAYS scratching their face and it ALWAYS seems to be right next to their eyes. These little onesies with attached mittens help to prevent that and they don’t continuously fall off and get lost like the regular mittens. I specifically look for these types of onesies during the Newborn stage because they just make life easier.


Tommee Tippee Bottles  I absolutely LOVE these bottles. My son was formula fed and received bottles since he was 5 days old and we NEVER had an issues with Tommee Tippee. For starters we have never had issues with air entering the bottles causing gas. Also, they are super easy to clean and there are no small parts. Lydia (my 9 month old) is breastfed and hardly ever gets a bottle, but when we have given her expressed milk she has never had any issues with nipple confusion when using Tommee Tippee. One other thing I like is that you can buy attachment handles for the bottles. These can your child self feed and they fit on the  5 oz bottles as well as the 9 oz.

Organic Coconut Oil I mean, it’s basically good for everything! When it comes to my babies I mostly use it for skin related issues, such as cradle cap or diaper rash. I’ve also used it on my nipples during those early breastfeeding days. It’s a feel good product… its  natural and I don’t have to worry about any ingredients being harmful to my precious babies. A quick Pinterest search will give you tons of use’s for coconut oil. To be honest, even if you don’t have a baby coconut oil should be in your house.

Mam Pacifier  Babies are funny, some like paci’s and others couldn’t care less about them. Lydia (my 9 month old)  is a total is a total paci baby, and I don’t think we could have survived without it! We still use the paci and I’m dreading the day we have to take it away. My son on the other hand, he couldn’t care less about them. I’ve offered them to him when he was a baby and he would suck on one for maybe 2 minutes, and then spit it out. Anyway, since this is basically a life line for my daughter I had to add it to my “most used” list! I specifically mentioned the brand MAM because I have heard from so many moms (specifically breastfeeding moms) that this particular brand just works. That was the case for us as well. We tried several brands of pacifiers and she didn’t take to any of them like she did to the MAM. I don’t know what it is about them but just have this brand on hand!

The Boppy I used my Boppy all the time when my children were newborns. Even more so with my daughter because she was a breastfed baby and I was constantly using it for the support while nursing her. The Boppy is handy as your child gets older too! They’re great to use during tummy time or to help support them when they are learning to sit. They’re also great just to  lounge them in! Speaking of lounging, we have the Boppy Lounger as well, and that is super convenient when you have a newborn (just don’t know if I would consider it a “most used” baby item.)

The Haakaa I know I’ve talked about this on my “How I made breastfeeding work”  post, and I just can’t say enough good things about it! If you don’t plan on breastfeeding this is irrelevant but if you’re planning on nursing, or are nursing, YOU NEED ONE! It suctions to your breast and draws the milk out of the opposite breast baby is nursing on… SUPER EASY! This is especially great for those early weeks when your milk supply is trying to regulate and you’re just leaking everywhere. I have actually gotten 3-4 oz of milk when baby wasn’t latched on! A few other key points are –  they are super affordable, easy to clean, don’t make any noise and are portable!  I used this everyday, SEVERAL times a day, for the first 4 months of my daughter’s life (and was able to build up a nice freezer stash), so it is 100% a ‘most used item” for any breastfeeding mom. ( Also mentioned to me by our lactation consultant.)

The Baby K’tan I love this baby carrier. It’s so easy to use and comfortable. I especially love that there isn’t a ton of fabric to work with! I will say that it probably wouldn’t have been a “most used” with my son, BUT once I became a mom of 2, it was a whole different story! I wore my daughter A LOT! My son was 22 months when she was born and he still needed all of my attention, affection, hands and arms to play with. This carrier made that possible! One other thing that I love about the K’tan is that it is easy to clean, you just throw it in the washer!


Make sure you have Jammies w/ Zippers . No-one wants to deal with buttons at 3 am.

And lastly, A Swing we definitely got our moneys worth out of our swing. Both of our babies absolutely loved being in it and it really came in clutch multiple times to say the least.

And that’s it! My most used baby items. I will write another post soon about my used baby items from 3 months to 6 months! In the mean time, what were some of your most used baby items? I would love to hear!

♥ Amanda

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