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We Have A “Threenager” and I love It

Guys, my first-born turned 3. I can’t even believe that I have been a momma for 3 years, it’s insane! Although I feel like I’ve aged 30 years, I still can’t believe it. I am really loving this age. I was warned about the “threenager” stage and I’ll be the first to say that the terrible two’s were rough on all of us, so I was not anticipating this stage but honestly I’m loving it.

Sure he has his moments but who doesn’t? He’s freakin’ hilarious. The things that come out of his mouth constantly have me laughing and I feel like I’m always asking him “who taught you that”. I should really start keeping track of everything because one day I’m going to want to look back on it.

I think one my favorite parts of this stage is how he confides in me. At the end of the day I always go into his bedroom after my husband snuggles with him and tucks him in for the night, to give him his final kiss. I’ll ask him how his day was and what his favorite parts of the day were and usually it’s happy and light-hearted but every once in a while he’ll tell me a bad part of his day. Of course this upset’s me to hear he was upset but another part of me love’s that he’s opening up to me.

I remember the first time he did this, we were at a family party during the day and apparently his cousin pushed him ( I had no clue this even happened). When I went into his room to kiss him goodnight and ask my usual set of questions he told me about how he was pushed and that it made him sad. I did feel sad for him, thinking about how this may have been bothering him all day but also felt really happy that he told me and that he trusts me. Simple moments like that are the reason I’ve always wanted to have children. Lord help me when they’re teen’s and their problems start to become bigger.

It’s also moments like that when I realize that my baby isn’t a baby anymore. He’s a little boy, with real feelings, opinions, wants, needs, emotions and he’s really starting to express them. I love it and am truly honored every time he confides in me.

Another thing I love about this stage is that he’s starting to do things to make others happy. He’s actively thinking of other people’s feelings and not only himself.  He is a typical 3-year-old, so 90% of the time his little world revolves around his wants and needs but every so often he’ll do things to make me happy or make his sister laugh or make his daddy proud. Yes, he still throws epic tantrums but I promise the good times far outweigh the “bad”.

For as trying as this stage may be, in some weird way it’s making me realize that I’m not doing so bad as momma. I’m doing ok. I’m tearing up as I type this because I am very hard on myself but this is helping me realize that I am doing alright. My little boy is happy, my little boy love’s me, he love’s his sister and he love’s his daddy. I’m not perfect but I’m doing decent raising my babies and it’s a feeling that I don’t allow myself to feel enough. The “threenage” stage is hard but that’s just motherhood.

Dont let the title “threenager” intimidate you. Embrace it. Because with those tantrums and melt downs come more moments of your child expressing to you what a great job you are doing.

Thanks for reading and sending my hugs,

♥ Amanda

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