A lifestyle blog for the moms just trying to get by

I’m Amanda, a 20 something (pushing 30) year old wife and mom of two. I’m a stay at home mother to my two littles, Richie and Lydia. I live mostly in yoga and sweatpants and consider my jeans going out clothes. I take off my bra the minute I get home, occasionally leave clothes in the washer for days, and curse like a mother. How’s that for painting a pretty picture?

I’m navigating my way through adulthood, motherhood, and married life, just learning as I go. I’ll share some tips, tricks and any advice I may have along the way. I just want to share a corner of my life, build a community of bad ass mama’s and reaffirm that it’s OK to let go of perfect ( I promise we won’t turn into pumpkins)! Besides, when it comes to mothers, there’s no such thing as perfect. I look forward to learning, growing and connecting with like-minded mama’s.

Put your comfy sweats on and lets become old friends!

♥ Amanda